[mythtv-users] looking for an hdhomerun

jason maxwell decepticon at gmail.com
Thu Dec 6 21:30:26 UTC 2007

> Feel free to ignore / flame me as I'm sure I can find this elsewhere but
> I'm going to be lazy - Does the HDHomerun let me tune into all the non-HD
> channels I would normally get via a cable ready TV? How speedy is it to
> cycle through the QAM channels? My QAM channels cycle between being blank
> and whatever On Demand shows are being watched at the time, and checking
> them takes about ten seconds per channel on my Vivitek HDTV. Is the
> HDHomerun faster at locking onto each channel?
Just for the fun of it, I tried to program those phantom on-demand channels
into myth. I had some trouble since they dont show up sequentially, and not
all at once. I managed to get a couple to come up in myth (didnt spend a ton
of time on it), but cycling through takes forever, because if the channel is
not available at the time, you get an error after a timeout, and then you
can continue. Otherwise, tuning is pretty quick. I love my HDHR, and dont
plan to ever part with it.
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