[mythtv-users] Sirius on Mythtv Broken - Sipie

BP lists at qucae.com
Sun Dec 2 06:43:25 UTC 2007

Harry Devine wrote:

> Update:  I was just able to checkout the code, but when I ran the 
> easy_install part, I got the following errors printed:
> error: can't create or remove files in install directory

> Any ideas as to why this is?  The errors suggest that I need to be root, 
> but the Wiki says I should be my mythtv user (which I am when I run 
> easy_install).
> Thanks,
> Harry

You need to be root (or use sudo) for the easy_install part and most 
other installation steps.  The part that requires you be the mythtv user 
is running the sipie setup (the first time you run sipie.py).  That step 
writes the account information to the home directory of the user (e.g. 

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