[mythtv-users] Working too fast?

Michael T. Dean mtdean at thirdcontact.com
Fri Aug 31 19:15:36 UTC 2007

On 08/31/2007 02:47 PM, Craig Huff wrote:
> I got data that looks bad in the mythfilldatabase log file after my first attempt with the SchedulesDirect grabber.
> Here's what I did:
> Created an account at the SchedulesDirect website,
> paid with PayPal,
> created a lineup to match my old Zap2It one,
> logged out of Schedulesdirect,
> logged back in to make sure I had the username and password straight,

Heh.  I do the same when I set up a new account.  :)

> logged out again,
> shutdown mythbackend with "#service mythbackend stop",
> ran mysqldump to backup the database,
> ran mythtv-setup per the instructions,
>     NOTE: This was a little confusing because I expected to see the Zap2It grabber still listed so I wasn't sure I was getting the right grabber until I checked the whole list.  Then when I tried to "Retrieve Lineups", I got no lineup data.  I had to get out of the Video Sources window and re-enter it before I saw a lineup name.  This was another point of confusion, so I went back to SchedulesDirect to see if I could match it up with a name of the lineup I just created, but I couldn't find a name for the lineup in the web page, so maybe that is my problem ;-(
> exited mythtv-setup completely,
>     NOTE 2: According to the directions in the HOWTO, paragraph 24.3 I was supposed to then run mythfilldatabase, which I did, but it wants to talk to the backend when it's done.  Maybe mythbackend should have been started before running mythfilldatabase?

Talking to the backend at this stage is completely optional. 
mythfilldatabase is simply telling mythbackend that the listings may
have changed and is asking for a reschedule.  If the backend is not
running, the reschedule will be performed immediately upon startup.  I
guess, though, we could either explain this in the HOWTO or say to
restart the backend before running mfdb.

>   In any case, it waited for 120 seconds before trying again, (I think I must have set that delay somewhere in the settings, myself) and I was able to open another terminal window and fire up mythbackend before mythfilldatabase squawked anymore.
> and ran mythfilldatabase.

Just a total guess (since I didn't see the error I would expect to see
if this were the case--though it could be missing for various
reasons)...  Do you by any chance have a single quote (') in your
password?  If so, the easiest solution is to change your password. 
Though there's a patch in 0.20-fixes (which will make it into packages
soon), upgrading takes a lot more effort than changing your password. 
(If you have a single quote in the username/e-mail address, you'll
probably have to upgrade.)


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