[mythtv-users] Database sizes

Gareth Glaccum gareth.glaccum at btopenworld.com
Fri Aug 31 18:19:04 UTC 2007

Have searched through the threads, nothing really jumps out to answer....
How large would you expect the database to be on an 8 month old system? I have been running a system since around the turn of the year, FC5 I think (maybe 6, not really of consequence) I am currently in the process of moving the database and the capture devices to a new box. Access to the database has been generally getting slower recently, as has deleting files.
I thought that dumping the database, renaming everyting that was computer name specific (via sed) and then importing on the new machine would be a good way of doing things. 
When the database was dumped (only mythconverg at the moment) the size is 168Mb. This seems quite excessive. Not determined exactly where the data is yet (EPG?) but is this normal? Is there a good spring clean routine to improve matters (a 168Mb database has got to cause a little bit of lag, my new data store can only do around 300Mb R/W /s non-sequential)
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