[mythtv-users] Cardinput

Andrew Burgess aab at cichlid.com
Fri Aug 31 16:27:51 UTC 2007

>>>  and reset the counters to
>>> zero so that the first card you enter will be "1".
>> Hmmm. Are you sure?
>He's positive.  He wrote much of this code.

Ah. Sorry, no offense. Just trying to understand what
I observed.

>>  I'm not sure I ever did
>> 'delete all cards' so maybe that is what resets the indices?
>Yep.  Which is part of the reason why "Delete all capture cards" (and
>"Delete all video sources") happens to be special.  That's also why some
>posts (i.e. ones I often write) tend to make such a big deal out of the
>whole "Delete all" thing.

I always appreciate knowing 'why' though I understand most people
probably don't care and it's more work for you.

>> Would a useful enhancement be to have a priority field for cards?

>There is one (technically for card inputs, which are the things that
>must be in order, anyway), but it affects the recording, not just the
>card, which is why the non-/recording/-priority approach--putting best
>card input first--is more appropriate.

I don't quite understand this but I'll put it in my list of possible
coding projects for later study.

Thanks to you and to Bruce for the information and all the help!

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