[mythtv-users] Frontend Guide Data

Darren darrenmarshall at linuxfire.biz
Fri Aug 31 09:19:04 UTC 2007

Hi there... here's a few sql commands that could be of assistance. Log into 
mysql as the mythbackend user and select the mythconverg database.
I'm assuming you know how to log into mysql so here are the commands to use. 
The first will get chanid and a show title to help with which chanid belongs 
to which station. 
You can put any program title you want in replace of news in this command. 
The % signs are wild cards and not essential but if left out the search 
titles must be exact.

SELECT DISTINCT chanid, title FROM program WHERE title LIKE '%news%';

The next sql command will retrieve channel data. Use both of these together to 
determine which epg chanid's belong to which channel.

SELECT chanid, name, callsign FROM channel;

The 'chanid' field link channel and program data and must equal respective 
channels and programs.
You can use the following command to change OLD to NEW chanid's. Replace NEW 
with the chanid from the first command above. The OLD identifies which record 
is going to be changed so get that from the second command.

UPDATE channel SET chanid = NEW WHERE chanid = OLD;

It's important that this is not screwed up so if your not sure what to do just 
run the first 2 commands and post the results back here, and also a link to a 
local channel guide would be helpful.

e.g. If the Simpsons are on channel 10.  Using the first command and replace 
the word news with simpsons will reveal the chanid say 6666. Using the second 
command will reveal channel 10's chanid as 0000. They need to be the same so 
we use the update command to change it and that will be 
UPDATE channel SET chanid = 6666 WHERE chanid = 0000;

good luck.

On Thursday 30 August 2007 00:29, Josh wrote:
> Ok, so I made the switch to SD a couple of days ago... no problems. I
> upgraded my backend and all of my frontends to 0.20.2 and switched
> over to SD. I did this by blowing out the old Zap2It setup and
> building a new lineup... no problems. All my shows are back and they
> are even recording as they normally were before... now the issue.
> I have 3 frontend machines that all received the 0.20.1 -> 0.20.2
> upgrade at the same time as the backend. Two of them only show ONE
> channel when I go into the Program Guide but the other frontend shows
> ALL channel data as normal. All of the frontend boxes show channel
> data IF I use channel up and channel down on the OSD so the issue is
> only with the "Program Guide" portion. I have tried switching to
> different themes (even GNAT) but they all still only show ONE channel
> in the guide. One of the machines experiencing the issue is the
> frontend that runs on the backend server (only used for testing).
> The guide is set to display 6 rows with 5 sections (2 1/2 hours) each
> and when I say ONE channel, I mean ONE single channel, as in ONLY
> channel 11, there is no up and down movement but I can scroll all 13
> days of data for that one channel. The default log level for
> mythfrontend doesn't give me any clues either. Any help would be much
> appreciated.

Darren Marshall

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