[mythtv-users] more mytharchive problems (sorry for private message)

Jeff Campbell jeff.campbell at jax.org
Tue Aug 28 21:21:04 UTC 2007


 After reinstalling mythbuntu 7.10 for like the fourth time and setting 
the permission for my archive directory I am again back at the growisofs 

This is what it says in the README:

2. The script fails with "ERROR: Failed while running growisofs." message.
	The most likely cause of the error is insufficient file permissions on the
	cdrom device. Make sure the user that is running the script can both read
	and write to the device that you use to burn DVDs.
	How you do that is dependent on how your distribution sets things up. 
It may
	be sufficient to add the user to the 'cdrom' group. You may also have to
	relax the permissions on the device itself to allow the cdrom group
	read/write access to it.

Well that is fine if I knew how to check/modify permissions for the 
cdrom device. They are not talking about the /dev/cdrom are they? I 
think I know how to make sure the mythtv user is in the 'cdrom' group 
but I have no idea how to relax permissions on the device itself.
 Another interesting think I noticed is if I use the eject command for 
dvd or cdrom it opens the door of the dvd drive, using eject cdrom1 
opens the cdrom door. I don't know ubuntu well enough to understand that 
or if that is normal.


Lukas K wrote:
> Hi Jeff,
> Am Samstag 11 August 2007 12:43:56 schrieb Jeff Campbell:
>>  I've been fighting with mytharchive for weeks. This is my latest
>> problem. I get all the way through the process and when it tries to burn
>> the dvd. This is what the log viewer posts after doing DVDAuthor
>> burning ISO image to /dev/dvd1
>> ERROR: retrying to start growisisofs after reload.
>> -----------------------------------------------------
>> ERROR: failed while running growisofs
>> result 64512, command was: growisofs -Z /dev/dvd1 -dvd-video -V 'mythtv
>> burn DVD' /mytharchivetemp//work/dvd
>> please check the troubleshooting section of the README for ways to fix
>> this error.
>> ------------------------------------------------------
>> so where do I find this readme file?
>> I'm using a single box with both front and back together running
>> mythbuntu 7.10
> I wanted to ask if your problem is solved?
> Maybe we can meet in IRC if you were not able to solve it, yet.
> Lukas
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