[mythtv-users] Schedules Direct subscriptions

James Armstrong james at thearmstrongs.org
Tue Aug 28 11:28:34 UTC 2007

> You certainly could check and uncheck different channels while
> going through the SD form. I saw things I'd like to change and
> suspect many people would too. However, my suggesting is that
> you would be wise to avoid any extra ambiguity while converting.
> If you don't add any channels or remove any channels then when
> you run mfdb, it shouldn't added new entries to your channel
> table or leave the listing blank for existing channels. Once
> this works correctly, have a beer.
> Once you know that you are at status quo and are reassured that
> you will continue to get listings tomorrow just as you did
> yesterday then adding HBO is just a click away.
> If you added and deleted several channels the first time around
> it may be confusing to remember which things you still need to
> delete from the Channel Editor, which are new and you wanted to
> modify the callsigns or change the picture setting. Therefore,
> first get it working then make your modifications as a separate
> step.

Where do we go to complain or have them change channels? There were a 
few on Dish Network that are wrong. I think they  moved some channels 
around when they forced everyone to use mpeg4 for hidef. I am showing 
some Encore channels but they are listed as PPV.

- James

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