[mythtv-users] Making mythtbackend.log files useable

Paul Harrison mythtv at dsl.pipex.com
Tue Aug 28 09:12:54 UTC 2007

Steve MacLaren wrote:
>     The 'QSocketDevice::writeBlock: Invalid socket'  messages are not
>     normal
>     and almost certainly something to do with the crashes.
>  Any idea what hardware/process/plugin these messages are associated
> with?  I've searched this list for that message before, only to come
> up with numerous unanswered cries for help with it.
> Some of my favorite quotes about this error message from this list:
> -"I've written about this problem before, but still cannot seem to get a
> response."
> -" I am still having this seemingly unsolvable issue. Can anyone help? "
> -"Let me know what you figure out, because it sounds like the same
> problem I
> have."
> -"I have this identical problem...But i don't know cause..."

Sockets are what mythbackend and mythfrontend use to communicate with
each other so they both use them. They use the network protocol stack so
it allows a frontend to be local on the same machine as the backend or a
remote frontend across a network to both talk to the BE in the same way.

It's a difficult problem to diagnose because it involves so many
different things that have to work together and the problem could be
with anyone of them.  There's the software for the backend/frontend ,
the QT classes, the kernel and if using a split frontend/backend there's
the physical connection between them (the network card/hardware, the
driver for the network hardware, the network hub/switch/router, the
network cables etc).

Is this on a combined FE/BE or remote FE?

Do you have other network problems like not being able to connect to the
internet or slow flaky connections etc.

Paul H.

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