[mythtv-users] Near Ultrasonic Noise - PVR150

Phill Edwards philledwards at gmail.com
Tue Aug 28 03:07:10 UTC 2007

> Has anyone else experienced this with their cards? or know if there's
> some kind of fan that will fit in a PCI slot that I can direct down on
> the PVR? Obviously a fan laying behind the computer isn't the most
> elegant solution and my girlfriend is getting annoyed looking at it :)

Google shows up lots here - have a look at
However, you'll need to watch out for noise levels with these, so
alternatively you could do what I did - I bought a 120mm fan and cut a
hole in the top of my desktop PC case to install it above the PCI and
video cards.

Funnily enough, it occurred to me only this week that I may have
installed it the wrong way up!  I'd be interested to hear people's
comments (sorry if this steals your thread a bit, but if you decide to
install a fan this way you'll need to know the answer to this anyway).
I have a Zalman power supply (which I presume expels air from the
case?) so I should have installed the fan on the top of the case to
pull air in, rather than suck air out, shouldn't I? That way the air
flow would be working properly. At the moment, I think I might have 2
fans fighting against each other to suck air out of opposite ends of
the case. Comments anyone?


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