[mythtv-users] Cable and terrestial cards same time at MythTV?

Henri Paasovaara hpaasov at mestarit.net
Mon Aug 27 15:17:45 UTC 2007

Hello MythTV'ers

I have been running MythTV for several years for now and recently I got 
cable into my house. I added DVB-C card with existing DVB-T because our 
cable-tv company is sending also dvb-t stream on three muxes. So all "wrong" 
tuners will work  (that's Welho HTV in Helsinki, Fi). I decided to keep 
my existing DVB-T tuner on my MythTV box so I don't need to buy another DVB-C.

I was able to find terrestial and cable channels with dvb scan -program. Also
tzap and czap worked very well. Then I started to add channels to MythTV.
Tuning DVB0 and DVB1 on mythtv-setup was quite successful (somehow). Channels
appeared on mythconverg database with minor problems. Hand-editing some "auto"
values fixed most of the problems. But:

MythTV is not able to use both cards at same time! DVB-T card is being
tuned with DVB-C data on EIT scan. And when trying to watch live-tv I can't
change card input.
Then I were checking mythconverg database and dtv_multiplex table. There is
sourceid which is always 1. There is no difference if frequency is for T or C 
card so how MythTV will recognice which card it should use?
I tried to changfe sourceid to 0 for DVB-C card (that is DVB0 device)
and kept sourceid 1 for DVB-T. But it didn't help. If sourceid was zero
then channel was not tuned (for EIT scan) at all.

So - how can I get DVB-T and DVB-C cards working with MythTV? Or did I
broke something when modifying database by hand?

Regards, Henri
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