[mythtv-users] osx-packager.pl fails

Craig Treleaven ctreleaven at cogeco.ca
Sat Aug 25 00:12:03 UTC 2007

At 5:48 PM -0600 8/24/07, Henry A Harper III wrote:
>Are you sure that your error above is the first error that the script
>throws? The -enablebackend option particularly catches my eye, I thought
>that mythbackend on OS X was known not to be working so well (I could be
>quite wrong).

The backend does work.  I know of others using it.  I built a version in April from trunk and played around with it.  Now that 20.2 has been released, I think my next step will be to try to build that.

>Maybe try it without the verbose, without the backend, disabling plugins?

I've tried it without the backend and non-verbose; didn't try disabling plugins. 

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