[mythtv-users] Using one lineup with multiple video sources (was Re: A hope regarding the new SchedulesDirect methodology)

Nick Morrott knowledgejunkie at gmail.com
Thu Aug 23 15:48:55 UTC 2007

On 23/08/07, Mike Perkins <mikep at randomtraveller.org.uk> wrote:
> Michael T. Dean wrote:
> > This change allows users who have multiple video sources that record
> > from the same provider but have access to different channels to download
> > the listings data once and use it for multiple video sources.  For
> > example, users may have one firewire-enabled STB or an STB outputting to
> > an analog capture card for their cable service but also have analog or
> > QAM-capable cards that can only record some subset of the channels
> > available through the STB (i.e. only the analog or only the unencrypted
> > channels).
> Any chance this code could be leveraged for other parts of the world? For
> example, I have three sources defined (in the UK), OTA, Freeview (FTA only) and
> NTL/Telewest/Virgin cable (a subset). These three get their info from the
> uk_grab_rt script. Be useful to just download this once (and unload the Radio
> Times servers, which must run in the same way as DD's do in the States).

It would be a very useful addition to MythTV for users who run the
grabber directly (most users I would imagine). I run the uk_rt grabber
and MFDB manually for each source with a single xmltv config, passing
the '--update' option to MFDB. This allows only a single dowload from
the RT site (~12MB for my channels) which can then be applied to any

I am currently looking at adding caching support directly into the
uk_rt grabber (so this would benefit all uk_rt users) and in my
discussions with the Radio Times have also mentioned the possibility
of adding compressed listings files to the RT site in order to reduce
their bandwidth usage even further.

Nick Morrott

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