[mythtv-users] Using one lineup with multiple video sources (was Re: A hope regarding the new SchedulesDirect methodology)

Mercury Morris mercury.morris at gmail.com
Thu Aug 23 15:01:47 UTC 2007

On 8/23/07, Michael T. Dean <mtdean at thirdcontact.com> wrote:
> On 08/09/2007 02:17 PM, Michael T. Dean wrote:
> > the patch in #3299 will allow filtering of one "larger" lineup by
> > mfdb (technically allows keeping channels in the lineup even if they're
> > not associated with the current video source).  However, it should
> > probably be modified to include some caching mechanism (as without the
> > modification, it downloads the one larger lineup once for each video
> > source that uses the lineup).
> >
> > Since so many people are worried about this, perhaps one of them who
> > needs this functionality will write the caching logic (technically, they
> > just have to ensure that we cache the downloaded data longer than we
> > currently do)...
> Well, it turns out that the ever-prolific coder, Daniel K., wrote the
> support for the DataDirect caching logic as he was writing the Schedules
> Direct code (and before David had time to write it).  The code has been
> checked into both trunk and -fixes, so anyone wishing to test the
> logic--with either Schedules Direct or Zap2It Labs (Z2L) DataDirect
> data--may do so.
> This change allows users who have multiple video sources that record
> from the same provider but have access to different channels to download
> the listings data once and use it for multiple video sources.  For
> example, users may have one firewire-enabled STB or an STB outputting to
> an analog capture card for their cable service but also have analog or
> QAM-capable cards that can only record some subset of the channels
> available through the STB (i.e. only the analog or only the unencrypted
> channels).  Previously, users were required to create multiple lineups
> for such setups--often requiring them to select providers from nearby
> ZIP codes or to create multiple Z2L accounts.  With the new changes, the
> additional lineups (and, therefore, additional accounts) are no longer
> necessary (so users wishing to use Schedules Direct need only pay once :).
> Note that users who have multiple providers--i.e. cable, satellite, OTA,
> etc.--should not try to use this approach.  Instead, each of these
> lineups should be configured for its appropriate provider.
> To configure things, first upgrade to the latest -fixes or trunk
> revision (or soon 0.20.2).  Then, edit your lineup (at SD or Z2L) to
> include all the channels available in all your same-provider video
> sources.  After, edit the "mythfilldatabase Arguments" as described
> below (this is only a temporary requirement).  Next, exit all your
> mythfrontends, mtd's, mythjobqueues, and mythbackends and use
> mythtv-setup to modify your video sources to use the new "meta" lineup
> (the lineup with all channels for all the same-provider sources).  No
> other changes to the video source are required.  Finally, restart your
> Myth systems and enjoy.
> Currently, there's a requirement in place that users wishing to use one
> lineup for multiple video sources must pass the --remove-new-channels
> argument to mythfilldatabase.  This should be done via the frontend setting:
> mythfilldatabase Arguments
> Any arguments you want passed to the mythfilldatabase program.
> under General settings (near the end).  Simply type in
> "--remove-new-channels" (no quotes), possibly appending it to other
> arguments that may already be there.  Using this approach means there is
> no reason to use a cron job so you can continue to use "Run
> mythfilldatabase at time suggested by the grabber."  Note that this
> requirement will be removed in the near future.
> Once 0.20.2 is released (very soon), any user who upgrades to the new
> version should use this approach rather than the multiple lineup
> approach.  It is more efficient (for your own download bandwidth, as
> well as for SD/Z2L) and less expensive than having multiple SD accounts.  :)
> And thanks to Ian (who started the original thread) for the reminder
> that some needed client-side filtering of lineups.


I have read and re-read your post several times, but I still cannot see
how it works.  Maybe you can add some additional explanation.

I have both PVR-250 and HD5000 cards, for NTSC-only and ATSC-only
channels, respectively.  I use two adjacent ZIP codes to separate the
list of channels into NTSC and ATSC groups.  I did this to assign NTSC
recordings only to the PVR-250, and ATSC recordings only to the HD5000.

You seem to be saying that there is a change that somehow figures out
how to do this automatically without two ZIP codes, but I don't understand
how that could be.  I am so confused.  What am I missing in your post?

Thanks for any additional help you might be able to give.


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