[mythtv-users] SD.org and existing xmltvid numbers?

Cal... jewell at halcyon.com
Wed Aug 22 16:39:26 UTC 2007

Greg Grotsky wrote:
>     How did you get the account?
> Well, you used to be able to sign up under the "sign up" button but 
> apparently "account creations are currently disabled".  Maybe I'm one of 
> the 100 initial guinea pigs to try it out. :) 

Somewhere on SD.org, rmeden mentioned that they let in about 300 people
before closing signup.

I managed to get an account.

I use XMLTV to pull listings (for Myth, and for some other projects).

The conversion was a piece of cake.

I renamed my old xmltv install to xmltv-old.

I installed xmltv 0.5.48.

I ran xmltv's built-in configure app.

It grabbed the lineup I'd created at SD.org and fetched the channels.

Turns out the channel numbers and names were the same at with Zap2It.
I *could* have used my previous config file from the Zap2It xmltv. Other
than user/pass, nothing changed for me.

The only change in the actual listing data is that the dd_prog id field
has changed from 6 to 8 characters. The schema calls for 3 sub-types of

	MV - movies
	EP - episodic shows (ie, 24, Heroes)
	SH - one-off shows or shows lacking epsisode numbers

An old (Zap2It) listing for the show 24 would look something like this:

	<title lang="en">24</title>
	<sub-title lang="en">Day 3: 1:00AM - 2:00AM</sub-title>
	<episode-num system="dd_progid">EP446604.0066</episode-num>
	<episode-num system="onscreen">3AFF13</episode-num>

Note the dd_progid field. The Zap2It-fetched listings had 6 characters
after the 'EP'.

The SD.org listings have 8 characters (zero padded) after the 'EP':

	<episode-num system="dd_progid">EP00446604.0066</episode-num>

Other than that, I can't see anything else that has changed.

I'm not having any problems with episode or series numbering. I've
already run tests to see if I'm getting duplicate recordings (stuff
recorded that shouldn't be as I've already recorded it in the past)
and I haven't seen any problems.


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