[mythtv-users] Aus Specific - Foxtel Channel Logos

Kevin Saenz ksaenz at gmail.com
Wed Aug 22 03:28:06 UTC 2007

I have had a look at SelectTV the pricing is attractive but the channels are
too limiting.
I would like more variety. My kids will cause a riot if I got rid of NickJr,
and Disney Channels
My wife would kill me if I got rid of a few things.

But it does shed some light on the subject and allows me to consider my

The other option you may want to investigate is to ditch Foxtel and
> subscribe to SelecTV instead.  All you need is a working DVB-S card
> (easy to find) that has a working CI slot (harder to find), and a
> working Irdeto CAM (not that hard to find, but can be tricky).  Then you
> re-point your dish from OptusC1 to Intelsat8 (or pay a bloke to do it
> for you), and fork out for a subscription.  You will receive the
> subscriber card a few days later (or with the bloke that's re-pointing
> your dish), and once you activate it, all the SelecTV channels appear
> the same way as all the DVB-T free-to-air channels you have.
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