[mythtv-users] Keep your existing video sources when switching to schedulesdirect.org

Bruce Markey bjm at lvcm.com
Wed Aug 22 00:11:25 UTC 2007

William Munson wrote:
> After spending hours manually configuring my channel lineup for my HDHR 
> (Cable and no channels were identified correctly.) the last thing I want 
> to have to do is go thru that again when changing over to SD. Does 
> anyone know if the xmltvid numbers will be the same from DD to SD 
> assuming that the same channel lineup is chosen at SD? It would be nice 
> to be able to just drop the old info back into the database with minimal 
> editing.
> If they are different, how can I manually identify the id for each of my

The TMS stationids stored in mythconverg.channel.xmltvid are
identical so you should not start over from scratch.
The grabber selection, account name (now the email address that
you give) and password are new and will need to be reset for
your existing sources but the provider names, channel numbers,
callsigns and station ID numbers will be the same. If you select
the identical set of channel number from the SD form as your
current set of channel numbers at zap2it labs, the conversion
will be virtually transparent.

  Key point: Do not delete your existing sources or add new 
  video sources. Simply update the grabber and login info
  for your current video sources.

1) Go to SD and create lineups from the identical provider with
the identical set of channels as your existing labs account.
[Hint: if you see channels you would like to add or delete, keep
them the same for now and fix those problems after converting].

2) Shutdown all myth process.

3) Backup you mysql database as described in the HOWTO.


4) Run mythtv-setup. Select your existing video sources to
change the grabber and login info, "Retrieve Lineups", select
the corresponding lineup name then "Finish".

5) Run mythfilldatabase checking the log to see that things
worked correctly.

6) Restart myth processes.

7) After updates work correctly for your existing set of
channels then consider making changes to your lineups.

--  bjm

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