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Harry Devine lifter89 at comcast.net
Tue Aug 21 19:16:21 UTC 2007

OK, I just installed my original sound card from my old PC (a Soundblaster 128 PCI card), disabled the onboard sound, and re-ran the same test (looped the test sound in Soundcard Detection and muted/unmuted via alsamixer).  This works when the test sound plays, but if I play something else (like an ogg sound file), I get nothing.  No sound at all.

What the hell is so difficult here?  What am I missing?  I'm really starting to go out of my mind here.  Its crap like this that will keep people from abandoning Windows altogether!  (Sorry, I'm venting).


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On 8/20/07, Harry Devine <lifter89 at comcast.net> wrote:
I don't have gmix or gmixer, but I have been able to run the gnome-soundcard-volume applet (if I right click on the speaker in the top right of the FC6 window.  I have set all of the options to be visible in the Preferences dialog, and my nVidia CK804 has the following settings: 

Playback tab:
    Master            On (for both channels)
    Master Mono  On
    PCM               On (for both channels)
    Surround         Off (for both channels)
    Center             Off
    LFE                 Off
    Line In             On (for both channels)
    CD                  On (for both channels)
    MIC                Off
    Phone              Off
    IEC958 Playback AC97-SPSA  On
    PC Speaker     Off
    Aux                 Off
Capture Tab:
    On (for both Volume AND Mic)
Switches tab:
    The following are checked on:
        Line In Capture, CD Capture, Video, IEC958, IEC958 Capture, Mix, Mix Mono, Duplicate Frontend, and External Amplifier
    The following are checked off:
        Mic Capture, Mic Boost, Mix Front Input, Phone Capture, Aux Capture
Options tab:
    Surround Jack: Shared
    Mic Select: Mic1
    IEC958 Playback Source: PCM
    Mono Output Select: Mix
    Channel Mode: 2ch

I know this seems like alot, and I can get screen captures if anyone thinks it'll help.  I've been able to get test recordings going, DVDs being ripped down, and CDs being ripped down, but all of these don't mean scratch if I can't hear anything. 

Thanks again for any and all help.

I don't know how much help this may be (probably none), but you said you have alsamixer?  You tried playing music in one console (mplayer someMusic.ogg) and then unmuting, muting and turning volume up and down on the different options in a different console? 

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