[mythtv-users] Is there a tuner limit? (problem with >8 tuners)

Chris Wilkie - NetrinoUK chris at netrino.co.uk
Tue Aug 21 16:20:05 UTC 2007

(sorry for multiple posts everyone)
> Silly Question but I'm curious (and I'm sure I'm not the only 
> one) about what your doing with this beasty setup?

I can't say an awful lot, as I'm building it to provide a managed service for a client.  Basic functionality is that I'm pushing them a TV schedule (which is ripped straight from the Myth database by a Perl script), they send me back id's of programs to be recorded.  The box schedules the recordings, shoves them through an mpeg4 conversion process, and makes them available on a webserver.

The current setup has a single Myth box doing the recording, and a bunch of 1U Supermicro boxes doing the mpeg4 process.  When spec'ing the new system, one of my suppliers offered me the DL740 from a bankrupt stock he'd purchased.  He had 10 of them, all of them have only run long enough for an OS to be put on.  For something that probably cost 35k a couple of years back, I got it for less than it would have cost me to build a suitable machine with 6 PCI slots, and certainly less once you add a couple more 1U boxes to increase mpeg4 coding capacity.  Needless to say, I'm intending to run Myth and (hopefully) 6 x mpeg2->mpeg4 processes on one box.

We are in alpha at the moment, running a box with 5x single tuners.  The new 12 tuner box is due to be live for the end of this week, I believe the client is planning on launching the final site on 17th September, so keep your eyes peeled and I'm sure it'll be obvious.

Cheers, Chris

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