[mythtv-users] so where can I buy a Cablecard Set Top Box?

Victor Perez spectro at gmail.com
Mon Aug 20 18:30:10 UTC 2007

I don't think DCMA have anything to do with this (IANAL, thought), FCC told
them to make available an access device (POD) so any manufacturers' cable
box will work. It doesn't say anything about certification, these are rules
they made themselves to "ensure the reliability of our network". The FCC
could eventually order them to supply cablecards to any device regardless of

So, hardware manufacturer gets the cablecard standard from them with the
purpose of building a cablecard compatible device. After building it they
don't even try sending it for certification (it's not going to pass
anyways). Just request the cablecard and plug it in. Unless the certificate
number is embeded somehow in your encryption codes the device should work.

So for now it's up to SiliconDust, pcHDTV and/or Technisat... hopefuly they
read this list ;)

On 8/20/07, Meatwad <meatwad.get.the.honeys at gmail.com> wrote:
> Victor Perez wrote:
> > I just had this thought: what if you just don't get the certification?
> > What is stopping open source hardware makers from coming up with a
> > cablecard compliant device is the difficulty of obtaining the
> > certification so:
> >
> > - Request the specs, they will give you a fight, on every roadblock
> > complain to the FCC.
> > - Build the device and don't get it certified, just request a cablecard
> > from the cable company. If they refuse, file complaints with the FCC.
> > They may say "it's not certified" so what? It should work anyways,
> > shouldn't it?
> >
> > It may take a little bit of a fight but I think is doable. Now, any
> > hardware makers up to the task?
> Sure, it's doable. But not legal without getting docsis approval. DMCA
> issues would be the first to come to mind. If it's not legal, it won't
> be available via US distribution.
> If it were up to the CableCo's they'd rent cablecards to anyone (along
> with a HD subscription). The cabal of content producers is responsible
> for the current lack of open access. This is by design of course.
> I'm too lazy to google it but there is a docsis spec which outlines the
>    various key pair exchanges that occur during handshaking and
> operation of a cablecard ... and the STB or display, and any digital
> path inputs/outputs of the STB/receiver/router, and any other blah blah
> blah. That's where HDCP ties in. But don't worry, it's all plug-n-play.
> With  the mothership. And four hands and two flashlights.
> <sigh>
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