[mythtv-users] Computer freezes trying to watch recordings

David Meixner dmeixner at uiuc.edu
Fri Aug 17 19:45:43 UTC 2007

On 17/08/07, David Meixner <dpmeixner at gmail.com
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> I recently installed a frontend in Ubuntu on my laptop and everything was
> working fine.  This week, I moved to a new apartment, and now when I try
> watch recordings on my frontend, I hear audio for about half a second, see
> blue screen, and then my computer completely freezes.  I have another
> combined backend/frontend that works fine.  Any ideas as to what could be
> causing this?
>What video card and video driver version are you using?
Sorry, I suppose I should have looked at the frontend log to see what was
happening.  After doing that, I saw "NVP: Timed out waiting for free video
buffers".  Turns out, all I had to do was comment out the glx driver in my
xorg.conf file, as explained here
I still don't know why it worked fine a week ago.  Possibly a system update
or installing VLC?  Oh well, as long as it's working now.
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