[mythtv-users] Upgrading from really old version

Meatwad meatwad.get.the.honeys at gmail.com
Sun Aug 19 16:54:38 UTC 2007

Dan Brown wrote:
> So, here's my situation.  A few years back I took the MythTV plunge, and
> after the usual half-enjoyable, half-annoying struggles to get it
> working, it's been working perfectly ever since.
> It's been working so well, in fact, that I've paid absolutely no
> attention to upgrading it until recently, when the growing list of
> features and bugfixes, plus the Zap2It issue, have made me think I've
> been putting this off for too long.
> The challenge, then, is to get my ancient 0.18 install (yes, I know, I
> really should have been upgrading over the years) up to date.
> I'm able to find lots of info on upgrading from more recent versions to
> the latest.  I'm a little nervous about whether this information applies
> to my situation.
> So, a few questions to any experts out there.  Feel free to point to
> wiki pages, threads, etc that I might have missed.
>  - Can I upgrade straight to the latest version, or do I need to try to
> find older versions and upgrade in stages?  I'm concerned here
> particularly with database conversion issues.
>  - Any pointers on a specific sequence of steps I should take?  I don't
> need handholding in terms of getting my Debian packages updated, etc...
> just a broad understanding of what pieces to upgrade in what order, what
> magic commands I need to type to do what mysterious things to my
> database, etc.
> Thanks for any info you can give.  My WAF depends on you!

I'm in the same boat with my distro. I've let the MBE/FE grow stale with 
FC5 although all machines are currently at Axel's 158 fixes.

As a casual linux user I rather enjoy the experience of loading the OS, 
tracking down package incompatibilities and even building from source. 
Keeps me on my toes. Patching a kernel for the original Airstar was a 
real eye opener and only then could I begin to imagine what a 
professional sys admin might have to deal with.

If you so choose to rebuild from "bare metal" as I've generally done, be 
certain to
a) backup your database

b) backup or retain your data (i.e. homedir, recordings, music, photos, 
etc.) directories and/or partitions

c) properly reload your schedules, recorded, oldrecorded, seek tables 
and other bits into your untouched, newly created mythconverg DB.

Also, I time these upgrades with any major hardware upgrades. I'll be 
ordering a new MBE motherboard/cpu/hd and recycling the current mobo to 
the slightly underpowered dedicated FE. When the new hardware arrives, I 
can get take my time getting the new MBE running and properly tested 
before tearing down the old boxes and swapping all the motherboards around.


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