[mythtv-users] DVD VOB Index/Position Issue

jmk jmk at foofus.net
Sun Aug 19 02:52:33 UTC 2007


I'm having some issues with MythVideo displaying the correct position
within a "Perfect" (VOB) DVD rip. This issue seems to be present for me
with both current SVN and -fixes. As an example, the most recent DVD I
ripped is displayed as 5 seconds long every time I play it. I've also
had videos display as other incorrect amounts (30 minutes, 1 hour, etc).
I can jump within the video as long as I'm before the amount displayed.
The video will play past the point displayed, but jumping no longer
works. If I transcode the DVD, to say "Excellent" quality, this is not
an issue.

Have others encountered this issue? Is there a way to regenerate the
position data within a VOB?


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