[mythtv-users] Getting a line up out of a ReplayTV ?

xpavement rlingenf at adelphia.net
Thu Aug 16 23:00:30 UTC 2007

 (This is from another thread, but the subject has changed so much that I
renamed the Subject line.)
> I just wanted to chime in on ReplayTVs, as their main program download
> binary called DVArchive is able to grab TV listings from replaytv.com
> and display them in the program (or a website). These listings get
> stored in the user's home directory in an xml file, so there are
> possibilities for a myth plugin of some sort here that does the same
> thing for replay users. I assume the program is using some hardware
> specific info to validate the request (but not sure).

I just checked my xml file and there is nothing in there that looks like
a line up. I am using DVArchive 3.2 - that should be the latest
version. Is there something specific I need to do?


I just caught this message, and once DVArchive is set to retrieve a lineup, it will produce the DVA_TV.xml file, which has lineup info in there, though I haven't got around to making any kind of script to format this into what myth might need....but still would like to try getting this to work...

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