[mythtv-users] Thanks, developers!

Henry A Harper III hah at alumni.rice.edu
Thu Aug 16 16:13:35 UTC 2007

It's taken me all summer, but I have finally caught up with the season
finales and limited summer ATSC fare on my mythbox - down to 5 "keeper"
shows  @ 40GB from over 500GB usage for a while. Since the DD/SD switchover
is coming up I thought I might as well play around a bit, and try to use the
osx-packager script on my (Santa Rosa 15") Macbook Pro just for fun.
Bootcamp over to Winders to use MythTVPlayer (doesn't work in Parallels) is
not convenient enough for me.

Backup mythconverg just in case, installed OSX developer tools, chased down
a few dependencies for the December SVN revision of my FE/BE, and a couple
hours later (well I was also semi-watching the last of the Simpsons
episodes) there's a mythfrontend on my MBP, playing live or recorded HDTV
over wifi. This is very cool.

When I want to leave the house, I can download an hour of HD in 3-4 minutes
over gigE, and watch with VLC. Also very cool, but no automatic commercial
skipping unfortunately.

Thanks again to all the developers for empowering me to watch TV how I want,
when I want!

Henry Harper

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