[mythtv-users] How to use SVN for most recent improvements

scott at tbwifi.ca scott at tbwifi.ca
Wed Aug 15 18:46:21 UTC 2007

Thanks Nick,

That's exactly what I was after.  Does the svn command just place a
tarball in the directory that the command was executed from?

> On 15/08/07, scott at tbwifi.ca <scott at tbwifi.ca> wrote:
>> I use Mandriva 2007 which has limited support I'm afaid.  I compiled my
>> own versions of Myth from the source downloads on the main download
>> page.
>> I assume that using the svn is similar?
> For an end-user, using subversion to get the latest source is no
> different to downloading the official tarballs - it's merely the means
> of getting the source on to your system. Once you have checked out the
> code from the MythTV SVN server, you just need to repeat the steps you
> have already used when compiling the 0.20 source (configure,make,make
> install). They may be a few new dependencies to compile the latest
> code - I'm sure the wiki has a listing of these. The build will bail
> out anyway if there are missing deps :).
> You'll also want to make a backup of your database before updating to
> the current code, as this is essentially a one-way process as far as
> the database is concerned.
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