[mythtv-users] Alternative use - live audio recorder

Fredrik Hallgarde mythtv at tedde.nu
Wed Aug 15 14:50:53 UTC 2007

> Dear,
> At this moment I maintain (have built it) a Via Epia PC that is being
> used to record ceremonies onto an audio-CD at the local curch. The box
> is equiped with a CD burner, 4 buttons (one hooked to power on switch)
> and a 20 character LCD display.
> However there are a few issues with the setup:
> Obviously, is there any system for live recording to CD and disk readily
> available or resonable quickly to build from other pieces? Perhaps,
> could MythTV help a little bit or is it way above my requirements?
> (It this maybe a better question for mythtv-dev?)

First of all, its not a question for mythtv-dev, all questions regarding 
the usage of MythTV (for original or new purpose) should be asked here.

Per the description of the intended use I think the fact that MythTV is 
geared towards TV recording (with schedules etc) makes it a bad 
candidate for your use. Furthermore I think that using a 20 char LCD as 
only output device makes MythTV a cumbersome solution as the main 
interface is geared towards using a monitor/TV as well as a multikey 
input device.

I don't want to discourage the use of MythTV in general but I think you 
should be able to build a simple and stable UI for the box you have 
using a small program/script as long as you catch and handle user input 
(errors) gracefully.

My 2c


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