[mythtv-users] Alternative use - live audio recorder

Joris Dobbelsteen Joris at familiedobbelsteen.nl
Wed Aug 15 14:30:49 UTC 2007


At this moment I maintain (have built it) a Via Epia PC that is being
used to record ceremonies onto an audio-CD at the local curch. The box
is equiped with a CD burner, 4 buttons (one hooked to power on switch)
and a 20 character LCD display.
However there are a few issues with the setup:

1) If the burning of a CD goes wrong (bad or incompatible media or
something else) there is no way to recover any more. This is a serious
problem at this moment.

2) The (my) software on it (bbrec & cdrecord glued together with shell
script) is not too friendly for its users, as pressing the wrong button
at the wrong time might make it do odd things. However mostly this is
not a problem (any more).

The first issue has arrizen that the box only had a gigabyte of disk
space and that was required for software. Currently I have a larger,
though old, disk laying arround.

Obviously, is there any system for live recording to CD and disk readily
available or resonable quickly to build from other pieces? Perhaps,
could MythTV help a little bit or is it way above my requirements?

(It this maybe a better question for mythtv-dev?)

Thanks in advance,

- Joris

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