[mythtv-users] Upgraded to .20 fixes (14172), have weird digital TV sound issue

Justin The Cynical cynical at penguinness.org
Wed Aug 15 10:00:50 UTC 2007

Joel Michael wrote:

> I'm getting something similar, but with a completely different setup. 


> I'm not sure either, but I'd guess it's more ALSA than Myth.  The 
> frontend that's having the problems is using the hda_intel driver for 
> audio output.  My sound output device is set as ALSA:iec958, as I'm 


I did some more searching, and found this on the alsa-users mailing list 

"It is a problem with myth.
myth should open difference ALSA devices depending on the type of
sound being played.
I.e. for AC3/DTS is should open the iec958 device.
For PCM (stereo or mono) it should open the plug:iec958 device.
The plug bit does the resampling and mono->stereo conversions."

I'm not able to test this directly at the moment, but I am able to 
change the setting of the default audio device from ALSA:default to 
ALSA:plug:iec958 and watch the logs via vnc/ssh.  It appears to work, at 
least didn't see any alsa errors going to the channel that is giving me 

Try that.  I'm going to try to test it tomorrow morning.

Either way, I've submitted a bug report.  :-)

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