[mythtv-users] opengl works in image gallery but not menus

Brian J. Stults bstults at fsu.edu
Tue Aug 14 20:10:39 UTC 2007

Brian J. Stults wrote:
>> Brian J. Stults wrote:
>>> I have two frontend machines, one with a GeForce 6200 and one with a 
>>> GeForce 5200.  Both are running 0.20-fixes from svn.  In both, I have 
>>> glx configured properly according to glxinfo which shows that direct 
>>> rendering is on, and all the appropriate lines say NVIDIA.  GLX 
>>> programs such as glxgears and supertux work fine.  Also, the OpenGL 
>>> transitions in the mythtv image gallery work fine.  However, I cannot 
>>> seem to get the OpenGL painter working.  I have the painter set to 
>>> OpenGL in the frontend settings and I force it to be used on the 
>>> command line.  This is recognized according to the logs (e.g. 
>>> "Setting 'ThemePainter' being forced to 'opengl').  However, the log 
>>> later shows "Using the Qt painter" and, of course, I do not see the 
>>> fancy fading menus.  Not sure if it matters, but `ldd mythfrontend` 
>>> shows that it is linked to the proper libGL.so.1.
> Jon Boehm wrote:
>  > What distro are you using?  I see something similar with Ubuntu FF.
>  >  EE worked FF doesn't.  I'm moderately worried about this as we
>  > approach .21.    I think I've heard that opengl will be must more
>  > important if not required in .21. (I could be wrong about that.)
>  >
> I'm using Debian unstable, so similar.

After checking out the source again and re-compiling with the exact same 
options I had used before, the opengl painter now works for me.  Seems 
strange.  I thought doing a "make clean" before compiling would have 
been enough, but only compiling from fresh source did the trick.

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