[mythtv-users] Upgraded to .20 fixes (14172), have weird digital TV sound issue

Justin The Cynical cynical at penguinness.org
Mon Aug 13 20:35:41 UTC 2007

Just upgraded from the .19 fixes branch (overclocked the northwood core 
P4 enough to run .20 smoothly), and I've run into an odd issue that I've 
not seen before and can't seem to find much info on.

PBS in my area (greater Portland Oregon area) has four "channels":

101 - HD
102 - simulcast of the analog channel on the digital side
103 - Create
104 - Oregon Channel

When I tune in 102, I get video, but no sound (recordings are the same 
way).  The frontend log shows:

AudioOutput Error: Channels count (1) not available: Invalid argument
AudioOutput Error: Unable to set ALSA parameters

Now, I'm taking a wild guess that since 102 is a simulcast, the are just 
sending out the analog programming untouched on the digital side, 
including the mono sound output.

No other channel in the area has this problem.

Might this be a Myth issue, or Alsa?  And how would one go about fixing it?

If I can get this fixed, I will be able to move everything over to ATSC 
and get rid of the analog card in the machine all together.  :-)

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