[mythtv-users] USB IR receiver for Harmony remote

Mike LaPLante mike at dividia.net
Sun Aug 12 18:13:20 UTC 2007

Calin Brabandt wrote:
> <snip>
> One way to use those extra buttons is to "teach" the
> Harmony custom codes using an alternate remote. 

> If necessary, define a new section in /etc/lircd.conf
> just to handle the taught/learned custom codes.  You
> should have no trouble using every single button on
> your Harmony! ;)
> -Cal
Thanks Cal,
I have done just that. My lircd.conf now has the codes for the Streamzap 
remote in one section and below that has the codes for a Hauppage 250. 
So, yes, now I have plenty of buttons to program into my Harmony.

Speaking of which, the Harmony is getting on my nerves. The setup 
program is down right atrocious. I had envisioned that it would have a 
pretty little picture of my exact remote, then I'd click which 
programmable button on the remote I wanted to set, then just "teach" it 
the code. Instead I've been going through countless different "model 
numbers" for MythTV boxes. Trying to find one that works.
For those of you that have not seen it:
...tell me which one of those maps to my 670's "Guide" button that I 
have hopes to set to the EPG jump point?

Its so damn counter intuitive it drives me insane. The program has these 
blue, red, green, yellow presets which my Streamzap has, but the Harmony 
doesn't.... Ugh, its too painful to put into words.

Anyway, I've put in a call to Harmony tech support, which from 
everything I've read is supposed to be magnificent. However, my first 
call got me their first line of defense which after trying to explain to 
her my problem she told me I'd have to move up to tier two support. So 
I'm waiting on that now.

In the mean time I keep trying different Model numbers when I setup the 
MythTV device. Hoping to find one that makes sense with this remote.
I'm sure once this thing is setup it will be awesome, but damn its a 
painful process.


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