[mythtv-users] After disk crash (not OS disk), which tables to clear in mysql?

Edgar Matzinger edgar at edgar-matzinger.nl
Sun Aug 12 12:30:37 UTC 2007

Hello list,

  this is probably a FAQ (not found on the FAQ....), but after a disk
disk crash, where I lost all my recordings, how do I tell mythtv that
they are gone?

  In the current sutuation, I've an empty disk to hold my recordings.
But the database still has knowledge about the old recordings....
Question is: Which tables do I have to empty? All tables that have
the word 'record' in it? Or only a subset like 'record', 'recorded',
'recordedprogram' and 'oldrecorded'?

Thanks for your help, cu l8r, Edgar.
       (o o)                                             Just curious...

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