[mythtv-users] OS Upgrade problems

Piers Kittel mailing at biased.org
Sun Aug 12 12:10:10 UTC 2007

On 12 Aug 2007, at 12:39, Piers Kittel wrote:
> My problem is the diskless frontend, the other 3 works reasonably
> OK.  I upgraded the server from Sarge to Etch without any problems
> and the OS X frontends worked fine.  The diskless frontend that was
> running Debian Sarge failed to work after the server upgrade, I
> suspected a version mismatch between the SQL driver between the
> backend and the frontend.  I decided to upgrade the diskless frontend
> to Debian Etch, and after a lot of problems, have gotten it to a
> working state, but MythTV fails to connect to the server.  On
> starting, it spews a lot of "QSqlQuery::exec: database not open"
> errors and then show the setup wizard, which already has the correct
> values in - I compared it with the OS X frontends, they all match up
> exactly, and then I complete the wizard, it then exits with a final
> "QSqlQuery::exec: database not open".

In addition to the diskless frontend, I installed MythTV on my Debian  
Etch based laptop and am... having the exact same problem.  Is there  
some known problem with Debian Etch and MythTV?

Thanks - Piers

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