[mythtv-users] channel changing/tuning

Johan van der kolk johan.vanderkolk at dommel.be
Sat Aug 11 18:11:35 UTC 2007



fairly new to linux, and have a little problem.


Have myth 0.20 running on FC 

FE and BE are on the same box.


Myth is not tuning my receivers (a PVR500 and a DVB-s Hauppauge Nexus).

I have gone through the setup, did the capture card -> input thing, set the
frequency table to Europe-west, and standard to PAL. Did a channel scan and
channels are found. Not using a xmltv source for the moment.


When I start myth (watch live TV) on the PVR 500 it gets stuck at a certain
frequency and I can not use the up and down to change channel.

It is not tuned to a proper channel.

When I switch to the DVB-s card the tuner can never get a lock, although I
can move through the mythtv channels. It only found channels from one
transponder though in the setup, but thats ok for now.


I can use mplayer /dev/video1 to show the PVR500, and I can use ivtv-tune to
change channels.

I can also use Kaffeine as my DVB display/tuner, all works fine.


If parts of any of the log files are necessary, let me know, i'll post them.


any help would be appreciated.




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