[mythtv-users] Adding another backend, and moving the master server to it?

Paul paul at whitecitadel.com
Sat Aug 11 09:30:50 UTC 2007

Thanks Brad/Bruce/David,

On 10 Aug 2007, at 16:05, Brad DerManouelian wrote:

> I just swapped my master/slace backends around so this is fresh in my
> mind.
Thanks Brad for the details on master/slave entries in the tables,  
this was the bit I was uncertain of, if you have done it successfully  
then i will take that approach as its the cleanest solution to move  
the server entirely to the new host, then add the old master as a  
slave backend again. I have plenty of experience of hosing mysql  
tables while hacking around so if it all goes wrong I won't blame you!

I am familiar with the DB backup/restore, I have weekly backups  
scripted as per the wiki, and will use this process to move the DB.  
It was the table updates I was unclear on. Only tricky part is that I  
can't stop the old server mysql processes as it serves other  
databases, I will have to triple check the backup and drop the  
database instead perhaps.

On 10 Aug 2007, at 18:48, Bruce Markey wrote:
> Good. For some reason, people seem to be attracted to the
> idea that it is somehow really cool to have lots of cards
> in one machine. This is not a good objective. Many resources
> come into play so more motherboards, PCI buses, PCI slots,
> disk controllers, disks, CPUs, etc. all help. Adding more
> cards to one host is not very scalable, however you can have
> several machines with two cards or less and avoid resource
> contention issues.

Bruce, you are spot on with this view in my opinion, the distributed  
architecture of myth is just perfect.

I don't have enough PCI slots in a single machine anyway, and my  
living area has a single coax broadcast aerial feed installed by the  
builder that also feeds the TV tuner, my garage has two dedicated  
runs of low loss coax I put in to the existing myth server so it  
would be pointless to move the dvb-t cards to the living area machine  
as it would only mean a lower quality signal and more heat in that  
case (so more fans, more noise). Likewise the satellite feed comes  
into the living area, so it makes sense to locate the (yet to be  
purchased) DVB-S card there for best signal in that machine.

I just want a clear plan to have master and local disk, so that I  
don't mess it up playing with something else.

As you note on disk layout etc, this is all determined, its more how  
do I get data from old to new, and use capacity on the backend in  
future. I think the 400GB on the frontend (LVM) allocated to Myth  
(currently 150GB on old server) is more than enough for now! The  
disks are the samsung ones and they are very quite, acceptable for  
the living area as they are pretty much the only noisy thing in the  
case once the CPU fan has spun down with AMD cool'n'quiet.

Happy to run SVN, but it seemed that storage groups was a step to far  
at the moment to me, and the replies I think agree with that.

David - agree with your comments on putting all your eggs (tuners) in  
one basket (backend), as noted above the motivation in my case is  
location of the respective signal feeds.

Thanks everyone for your feedback, I will have to try this sometime  
at the weekend (once I have checked the myth schedules to make sure I  
don' t miss any vital recordings I guess!).


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