[mythtv-users] Adding another backend, and moving the master server to it?

Bruce Markey bjm at lvcm.com
Sat Aug 11 20:26:55 UTC 2007

Paul wrote:
> As you note on disk layout etc, this is all determined, its more how  
> do I get data from old to new, and use capacity on the backend in  
> future. I think the 400GB on the frontend (LVM) allocated to Myth 

LVM would be great if you are running a usenet news server
on the machine. If, however, you are using the space only for
mythtv video files then you would be better off not using LVM
and mounting each disk as a separate partition.
> (currently 150GB on old server) is more than enough for now! The  
> disks are the samsung ones and they are very quite, acceptable for  
> the living area as they are pretty much the only noisy thing in the  
> case once the CPU fan has spun down with AMD cool'n'quiet.
> Happy to run SVN, but it seemed that storage groups was a step to far  
> at the moment to me, and the replies I think agree with that.

Well no, that wasn't the point at all. Previous version only
allow one dir for recordings. Storage groups simply means that
you can name more than one directory that the system can use.
Typing in a second path is only five seconds work, really =).
There is no daunting task.

The point was that if you were reluctant to upgrade until there
was a release then mount one disk for now as your one and only
recording dir. When you upgrade, add the another path to your
second disk. What I was suggesting is that you not tie the two
disks together with LVM just to make all the space available
in the short term for just a few weeks.

--  bjm

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