[mythtv-users] "Ultimate" MythTV remote setup?

Paul Huber paul2004x at gmail.com
Thu Aug 9 18:02:10 UTC 2007

I just posted another thread about LinuxMCE and the demo video I did, which
shows a new remote explicitly for MythTV/LinuxMCE.  It's here:
http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=2176025602905109829&hl=en or
download it in high-def ogg theora & wmv formats on linuxmce.org   No, I
have no connection to the manufacturer, but they did donate the HD camcorder
to do the video, plus some equipment to be sure it was well supported and
worked with LMCE & Myth, so I can say it does really work.  I contributed
the code to make it work with Myth.  The gyro is very fast and once you get
used to it I find it's painful to go back to an i/r remote.  So the good
news is once the wife is hooked she probably won't let you go back.  The bad
news is she has to be patient to get used to the gyro movements and may
stick with the normal navigation buttons at first.  It doesn't come

On 8/9/07, Tim Gray <tim at p-a-a-i.com> wrote:
> I have one that works perfectly and has not only Wife acceptance factor,
> but
> teenage daughter acceptance and  Mother/Motherinlaw acceptance.
> Enough acceptance to get relatives to want me to get them and program them
> one.
> Disadvantage:  It's expensive.
> I use a URC MX-900 remote with their RF basestation.  It allows incredibly
> simple setup and operation that even a person that knows nothing about the
> whole AV setup can run it.
> The only way to get it working better would be to go to Crestron, and that
> would cost more than your entire AV setup and possibly your car as well.
> I have tried all the others, harmony, pronto, etc..  They do not have wife
> acceptance factors that even approach URC pro lne of remotes.
> My setup cost $500.00 and all equipment is hidden which adds Wife
> acceptance
> factors quite a bit.
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