[mythtv-users] Which distro for new system?

David Campbell dave at cpfc.org
Thu Aug 9 09:02:49 UTC 2007

DaveD wrote:
> Isn't Ubuntu a Debian-derivative?  I'm thinking I'll try Ubuntu again.  
> Lack of a root user made me a bit skeptical at first, but I found I 
> could easily create one and was happy again.  I think its Debian roots 
> give it a strong foundation and it seemed to have a bigger pre-built 
> base of apps.

lack of root user is a good thing, anyways if you want root `sudo bash`

Ubuntu is excellent, as is Kubuntu for getting mythth setup *very* 
quickly without having to dive into a dedicated myth distro. Great 
packages are being produced these days.

> Interesting the no one mentioned SUSE.  Something about a "deal with the 
> devil" maybe?

I'll never use SUSE until they remove or at least fix properly YAST*. 
If I wanted a package manager that can't handle deps I'd use Solaris.

> FC 5 has been doing pretty well, I must say.  When I first installed 
> FC6, it wouldn't even boot.  Took a long time before I could get it to 
> even run the updates.  After struggling for a while I gave up.  I'm 
> wondering if FC7 is better.

Fedora improves all the time, it's an excellent distro.


* Waits for someone to tell me Yast was fixed three years ago.

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