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Tim Litwiller timlitw at gmail.com
Wed Aug 8 20:52:11 UTC 2007

So would you be willing to help me where I am getting stuck?

I used a usb patchstick to get ssh installed.

then followed your instruction beginning at the test ssh access heading.
mount drive ad read/write - worked ok
I copied nano and su instead of vi and su
After I disable watchdog it started to reboot every few minutes
fix  timezone - worked ok
copy mythfrontend - worked ok
extract mythfrontend - worked ok

why do I have to add sudo infornt of everyline I copied and you don't have
that in your howto. Did I miss someting?

from previous attempts I skipped running mythfronend here an went straight
to copying fonts.
restarted appletv

I had to run repair and then restart again
edit ~/.mythtv/mysql.txt with the correct ip address of my mythtv box for
the hostname
run mythfrontend - it seems to start but end with a bus error

it is still rebooting every couple of minutes and every other time I have to
restart with the  - & menu buttons on the remote and then run repair and
restart again.

I haven't got past this.

On 8/3/07, Neil Raymond <neil_raymond at hotmail.com> wrote:
> It was me that wrote the wiki entry, so I'll attempt to answer a few of
> the
> questions.
> >I was hoping some of your questions could be answered by someone
> >currently running the AppleTV with Myth running on it.
> >
> >I think there are 2 different hacks running:
> >
> >- AppleTV that boots directly to Myth
> This is the route i went down. the OS on the apple tv by default starts up
> the application Finder.app,  I changed one of the config entries so that
> it
> starts up MythFrontend.app
> >- AppleTV that uses Myth as some type of add-in
> There is a plugin available that can run arbitrary applications that are
> installed on the apple tv. I tried this initially but I couldn't get it to
> work reliably. The problem was that by default the apple tv interface
> always
> tries to put itself on top of any other windows. So you'll be running
> something e.g. myth, vlc, but you can't see it. If you kill Finder.app you
> briefly see the other app before the finder restarts and covers it again.
> The applications plugin claims to alter the finder so that it doesn't
> always
> force itself to the front, but for me it only work once every 2 or 3
> times.
> The other problem with doing it this way is that every time you want to
> use
> myth you have to start mythfrontend, which takes a while on the appletv.
> >Has anyone attempted to play 720p or 1080i MythTV
> >recordings through an AppleTV OS X mythfrontend?
> >How's the playback quality? Does the video
> >acceleration work? From the few AppleTV specs I've
> >seen, I wonder if the ATV has sufficient performance
> >for HD playback.
> Some 720p episodes of Lost I downloaded played ok (although I'm not sure
> what they were encoded in). There's no chance of playing 1080i. There was
> some discussion about this on a previous thread. MythFrontend can't use
> the
> hardware acceleration, and I don't think this works for any mac front end
> at
> the moment.
> >How's the performance as a front end? Is there lag cycling through menus,
> >program guide, etc?
> It's not super-responsive, put it that way. It takes a couple of seconds
> to
> view the recordings library, and starting to view a recording can take up
> to
> 10 seconds. Initially I always thought it was broken just before it
> started,
> but now I've just got used to being patient.
> I've been running this for approaching 3 months now, and it's been
> brilliant. Other than the slightly slow UI in places as I mentioned above
> I
> can't fault it. I haven't had to reboot it once. I don't use it much for
> HD
> stuff as I don't have any HD sources, so it's just the occasional download
> -
> 720p seems to play ok.
> In short, even my girlfriend likes it so it must be good ;o)
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> >
> >On Jul 27, 2007, at 4:44 AM, David Whyte wrote:
> > > Also, would it be required to have another apple box to setup the
> > > appleTV like that (as is stated in the wiki for the other method of
> > > setup)?  I only have non-apple hardware so would stumble at any setup
> > > step that requires an OSX machine or similar.
> >
> >Look for max osx86. Runs on most AMD and Intel hardware (with a
> >little tweaking sometimes)
> >
> >Then you can dual/tri- boot your system.
> >
> >
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