[mythtv-users] Supporting schedulesdirect.org

Robin Smith 1canuck2 at gmail.com
Wed Aug 8 18:57:50 UTC 2007

Believe me, I am eager for more information on the
how/what/why/when/where of the DD replacement, and sure, I'd like it
yesterday. But ultimately, if I am not prepared to get off my ass and
be a part of the solution, I have no right to bitch about what the
solution is.

I am somewhat incredulous at the number of ungrateful people bitching
about the various details of this tumultuous change to MythTV. Would I
like listings for free? Sure. Would I prefer DD were not going away?

But the fact remains, DD is going away. That decision was not made by
anyone directly related to MythTV development (and I am not surprised
at Z2Ls decision). The ire this causes cannot be blamed on anyone on
this list or related to MythTV or the SchedulesDirect project. Also,
no-one on this list can defend Zap2It's decision, since no-one here
was a part of the decision.

You, as the user of MythTV, are still a consumer (even though you are
using "free" software). Consumer's have the ultimate choice, they do
not need to "buy" the products they are presented with. If you don't
like the proposed solution, don't "buy" it i.e. Stop using MythTV.
Nobody owes you anything.

So, if you: are not prepared to; are not capable of; or do not have
the time to, be a part of the solution, you simply have to accept the
solution that other more dedicated people are coming up with. End of

I'll admit that I am not being a part of the solution, but
accordingly, I am also simply sitting patiently (and confidently) by
waiting for the solution without complaint since I have no right to do

This "the project owes me something" behaviour gives the FOSS movement
a bad name. FOSS is provided "as is". If you don't like it, don't use
it. If it moves in a direction you don't like, stop using it. If
enough people agree, something better will evolve out of the project
and other's will move on also. Project's succeed by having dedicated
developers and interested users, lose either one,and a FOSS project
will typically fall by the wayside. One sure fire way to lose
dedicated developers is to bitch at or about them when they are
usually doing lots of work (that you are not doing) simply out of a
love for the project (and their own interests of course).

With MythTV, you have not purchased any software, so your losses
should be minimal.  If you chose to invest your time or purchase
hardware to dedicate to a MythTV system, that was your choice, and
fortunately, none of it was proprietary (unlike a TiVo box), so even
then, its easy to re-purpose.

I'd like to say thanks to all involved in finding a solution to the
death of DD, whatever that solution may be.

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