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Chris Petersen lists at forevermore.net
Wed Aug 8 18:16:54 UTC 2007

Braindead wrote:
> I think that there needs to be some alternative.  A lot of small
> hosting services take checks (but only for larger time periods),
> perhaps a 2 year subscription would make the paperwork acceptable
> considering the fee savings? I suspect that the majority of MythTV
> users have no problem with PayPal, obviously some do.

Please don't talk about subscription stuff until we've actually posted
what the terms/fees will actually be.  We'll include some reasoning,
which many people may/not like, but that's how it be.

We don't want to start offering long-term subscriptions (2 years, wtf?!)
because we don't know how many people will be signing up.  The cost to
us (and thus to you) is significantly different if 1000 people sign up
vs 5000 (or higher!) -- we're estimating (relatively high) on the
initial fees in case only a few people sign up.  If you were to sign up
for a 2 year membership at the initial rate, and we can drop the end
user cost by 5x within the first couple of months, you'd probably feel
like you got ripped off.

> Honestly I do appreciate what you folks are doing, I'm just pointing
> out that I believe there should be alternative means of payment.

And maybe there will be.  If you want to try the following schedule,
you're welcome to try:

 * create a new business
 * negotiate a contract
 * build the infrastructure for a new website for thousands of users
 * write the code to run the website
 * write the code to deal with data distribution
 * take credit cards

Now try doing it in 3-4 weeks, on top of working full time.  We went
with what was easy and fast.  I've already said that we will explore
other payment options when we have time, so I'll stop repeating myself.


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