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jedi at mishnet.org jedi at mishnet.org
Wed Aug 8 14:32:12 UTC 2007

> Michael T. Dean wrote:
>> And, when only non-time costs (i.e.
>> hardware and subscription costs) are compared to a TiVo (all of which
>> generally have very low hardware costs), my Myth boxes are egregiously
>> expensive.

     A basic ready made MythTV box will set you back $700. Compared to
some of the Tivos that does seem remarkably expensive but it does come
with more sophisticated DVR software as well as all of the side benefits
of being a normal PC.

      You can turn it back into a normal PC if you want to, or even use
it as such with the spare cycles it has (my backend does that). Also,
upgrades become generic PC upgrades rather than some variant of "hacking
a consumer electronics device". Any external storage is readily available
including network storage.

       Compared to preparing a drive for inclusion into a Tivo or the cost
of getting one ready made, the initial cost of a MythTV PC is not bad at
all. Add one ready made Tivo upgrade drive kit into the mix and the
advantage quickly goes to the PC based DVR.

> (See above about time costs.)  With the exception of my A-Tech case (an
> admitted splurge), most of my MythTV system is recycled from other
> machines, and as such has zero cost to me.  The other exceptions are an
> A-180 card I purchased to get QAM data, and a firewire card to hook up
> to my cable box (my recycled motherboard had no firewire ports), and a
> transcoder box I purchased for my original 1080i TV, no longer used
> since my new TV has VGA input.  Not all that expensive, perhaps $250
> total.  My file server and such I would have with or without MythTV.


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