[mythtv-users] Alternatives to Supporting schedulesdirect.org

Robert Current robert.current at gmail.com
Wed Aug 8 06:41:35 UTC 2007

On 8/7/07, Michael T. Dean <mtdean at thirdcontact.com> wrote:
> For the record, that's not my idea.  When you start distributing the
> data obtained from DISH network and they come after you, remember that
> the list archives--with the rest of my above post in context--will prove
> that I /never/ suggested redistributing data from DISH.
> Mike

No Michael, that was bait.  I'm fed up with your trolls. I trolled you
back.  Finally after repeated denial, an admission that there are
other data sources out there.  Yea, call me low for sinking to level
of being a troll, for the sake of finally getting some TRUTH here.

I just wondered how far MythTV.org guys (you seem to associate
yourself with the programmers) were going to deny and break illegal
actions.  You made it pretty clear indicating that broken Dish Network
EIT was intentional on Greg's part when he found illegal use.  You
stated that you hope to find out if it happens again, so you guys can
break it again.

This explains why no one will give the URL of a scraper project.  Why
no one is willing to do anything other than feed a "for fee" source.

Honestly, I love OSS, and I'm a guy happy to pay for quality service.
But the whole Zap2it thing has really brought out some true hypocrisy
in the MythTV project to me.  Lots of key MythTV guys showed up in the
schedulesdirect.org project, and they and their supporters were very
quick to say TMS is the ONLY source.  Repeated statements that they
have no competition, every other source uses TMS too, no one offers
free service.  That is simply untrue.

There is no one honest on EITHER side.  There are the pirates willing
to do anything.  And there are the "we are honest" guys ready to cash
in at any turn and deny there are any illegal actions in connected OSS
projects.  Hell, they are not even willing to admit the existence of
any parallel projects.

I'd be willing to pay someone HONEST enough to admit, acknowledge, and
explain that there are illegal sources out there and they are finding
legal ways to do honest work.  The VDR guys seem pretty honest, as did
the FreeVo guys.  I don't see ANY of that here.  Makes me want to pay
TiVo for service, just so I don't feel so "dirty."

You know, denial in the face of fact makes for a great politician, but
a poor scientist.  Seems this is a computer politics project, unlikely
to find computer scientists here.

Can we stop playing games here?  PLEASE?

Yes, there are illegal data sources.  Yes, there are commercial
competitors to TMS.  Yes, TMS has supported us, the OSS community in
the past, but they have NOW turned their back on us.  Can we have an
HONEST discussion of other data sources, and see if there is a LEGAL,
ETHICAL, alternative to TMS?

Anyone willing to stand up and be honest at this point might actually
find a lot of OSS people willing to support the project.  That means,
financially, with time, code, IT, legal, server, and other support.

I honestly think the schedulesdirect.org guys did a GREAT job stepping
up and doing what no one else had the balls to do.  But, I don't
support the TMS alliance and hate PayPal.  If they (or any other
group), use a mechanism other than PayPal, promoted donation over
subscription, and if they can get an alternate source of data, I'd pay
MORE, and support MORE.  I'm sure I'm not the only one.

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