[mythtv-users] Can we get an update on the status of SchedulesDirect.org?

David Schmidt david.schmidt.in.dallas at gmail.com
Mon Aug 6 19:43:20 UTC 2007

On 8/6/07, John Drescher <drescherjm at gmail.com> wrote:
> > > Please give us some idea of where things are at.
> >
> > We're waiting for legal, coding has begun, and we've gotten test listings.
> Can you say if we will be forced to upgrade  MythTV or will this coding be
> somehow compatible?  I am running a SVN version from mid February, 2007.
> John
When I asked a week or so ago, Chris Peterson (Petersen?) said an
upgrade would be required.  Apparently the URL is hard-coded into the
source, so even if the .wsdl stays the same, the old code can't

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