[mythtv-users] Commercial flagging has stopped

steve networks1 at cox.net
Mon Aug 6 13:37:43 UTC 2007

Hello.  For reasons I can't explain, commercial flagging has stopped on my
MythTV setup.  I have checked, and commercial flagging is selected in setup,
and when I check the record settings for individual programs they are set
for commercial flagging too.  Yet the toilet paper icon does not appear
except for old programs (more than a week old), and the commercials are not


I know this is a low priority task but MythTV is the only thing running on
this box.  And for example yesterday nothing was recorded at all so it could
not have been busy.  

Commercial flagging is a backend function, right?  Because I normally shut
off the frontend when I'm not watching something.


Can someone suggest how can I debug this?  






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