[mythtv-users] Cheap media case?

Jonathan Seawright jonathanathome at verizon.net
Sun Aug 5 04:06:14 UTC 2007

I just took one of those crummy cases, painted it black, did my own logo on 
the front and installed 2 fans... one in the back mounted on the inside 
blowing out, and the other in the bay the box is in... blowing air out the 
front! It works flawlessly!

I'm quite pleased with the performance taking into consideration that I went 
really cheap!

If you want to spray paint it, get a "flat black" spraypaint intended for 
metal and plastics...

Jonathan S.
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On 04/08/07, Brian <listmail at miatar.org> wrote:
> I just saw an ATX desktop case on Newegg.com with an LCD display. It's
> made my Eagle Tech (I've never heard of them) and it's $139 with a $100
> rebate through 8/15. I bought to try out.

Do you know if the VFD is supported by lcdproc? Also, it looks like
ventilation might well be an issue as there doesn't appear to be much
in the way of venting to aid airflow.


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