[mythtv-users] mysql permissions problem (long lines of mysql dataquoted)

Tom Dexter digitalaudiorock at hotmail.com
Sat Aug 4 21:04:37 UTC 2007

>From: Mike Perkins
>Tom Dexter wrote:
> >
> >It might not be related to grant privs at
> > all.  If mysql is bound th 'localhost' in the my.cnf file, that can 
> > connections from localhost but nowhere else on the lan.  For example, I 
> > to change the default of:
> >
> > bind-address                            =
> >
> > ...to...
> >
> > bind-address                             =
> >
> > ...on my backend in the my.cnf file or it flat out refused connections.
> >
>On my previous mythtv installation things ran without a problem until one 
>I rebooted my front end and got stonewalled by mysql. Bit of poking around 
>I discovered that the system had switched from using IP addresses to using
>hostnames for no obvious reason. If you don't have hostnames in your  mysql
>tables (as I didn't) you aren't going to get in. In the end I did belt and
>braces - added GRANT clauses for every IP address on my LAN (no wildcards, 
>didn't take any notice of them) and clauses for every hostname, qualified 
>unqualified. No problems since :).
>Mike Perkins

That's an odd one.  While mysql privileges by hostname require DNS lookups, 
I've never seen a situation where using ip addresses and wildcards didn't 
work.  In any case, the issue I was referring to with the bind address is 
another issue entirely.  The situation I was describing is where mysqld is 
bound to the local loopback, and the remote machine will never even get the 
network connection to mysqld it needs to attempt the mysql login in the 
first place.  This acts much like it would with skip-networking enabled.


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