[mythtv-users] Supporting schedulesdirect.org

Mark A. Hoover mahoover at ispaceonline.org
Sat Aug 4 02:13:50 UTC 2007

> ------------------------------
> From: "Charles H. Chapman" <ccmail at bellsouth.net>
>> Chris Ribe wrote:
>> Really?  Because in the 6 weeks since the zap2it announced they were
>> shutting down we have been told almost nothing.  Now, with 4 weeks
>> remaining, all we know for sure is that there is an organization
>> called...
> Indeed.  I would still -strongly- recommend against anyone investing any
> time or money building a new MythTV system (or upgrading an old system)
> until -after- the guide data situation is cleared up, otherwise you may find
> yourself with little more than a glorified VCR!

I've held off on my laundry lists of purchases as well.  Considering I'm 
looking at almost $1000 in components, that's a lot of money to spend with 
an uncertain future looming.  Not that I don't have any faith in the 
Mythtv folks.  They've done well by us in the past, put out a great 
product, and I'm sure they'll do the same in the future.  However, in the 
absence of information I have to go with what I know which is currently 
that Zap2It is going offline in 4 weeks and there is currently no 

At this point I'll wait till the devs get schedulesdirect.org online along 
with a Mythtv release that will sync from it.  Hopefully, we'll hear 
something soon....:)

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