[mythtv-users] Dual Core or Dual CPU??

Brian Foddy bfoddy at visi.com
Sat Aug 4 19:14:56 UTC 2007

On Saturday 04 August 2007, John Drescher wrote:
> > They won't with help much with 1 job to do.  But if you have a 2+ cores,
> > let it run 2+ jobs at the same time.
> I found a very important factor is trying to squeeze out more performance
> out of the disk subsystem as a lot of the time while running mytharchive I
> find that even with 4GB of memory my system spends a lot of time waiting
> for io.
> John

Certainly, everything must be balanced.  Many lower end systems
are built around a single large HD, and I find I just can't get the
throughput I really need like that.  My system has a software raid
of 5 SCSI drives, my parents system I setup has 2 SATA raided.  My
next backend system system may have more than 5 on hardware
raid.  If all my cards are running and I'm watching a single HD show,
I need to move about 44GB of data every hour; and thats before
running any commercial scanning / archiving jobs.  Not going to
do that on 1 HD.


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